Ghost Autowatch

Ghost Autowatch

Protect your vans and high value fleet cars with CAN bus immobiliser from Ghost Autowatch.

Massively reduce the likelihood of theft of high value fleet cars to protect your insurance risk.

Secure your vans too, ensuring business interuption risk is reduced, especially those with livery, specialist builds, or tools.

About Ghost Autowatch

We are focussed on our proprietary video telematics, but we appreciate you want to protect your fleet from vehicle theft too, which is why we've partnered with Ghost Autowatch.

Protection from Key Cloning

Even if a thef successfully clones your key, or even steals the key itself, they will not be able to start your vehicle. The undetectable Ghost immobiliser connects to the vehicle's ECU on the CAN bus network to prevent starting.

Ghost Immobiliser

Trained Installation

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Post Installation
Product Support


installed vehicles

£41583 £49900
  • Immobiliser
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support
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